A little history of the club

CARL tower near Calwood, MissouriDuring the first part of 1978, several county amateur radio operators met informally.  On October 12, 1978, CARL (Callaway Amateur Radio League) was formed.  Fifteen hams met in the meeting room of the Fulton State Hospital.  For several years monthly meetings were held in various member’s homes.  As the club grew, meetings were changed to the old Callaway Electric Cooperative building.  Then to the new Coop location.  Currently, meetings are held in the basement meeting room of the Fulton Police Dept. 935 S. Bus. Rte. 54, Fulton.

In 1999 we installed a 150 foot free standing tower, located one mile south of the 152 mile marker of Interstate 70, north of Calwood, MO, approximately 6 miles east of Fulton.  The tower is equipped with several antennas at this time.  The KC0MV repeater, on frequency 147.315(+), was installed with solar and wind power backup.  Much hard work and cooperation went into making this the success that it was and will be for the future of amateur radio communications in Central Missouri. In 2016 the club agreed to host a member’s 444.950(+)((127.3)) repeater on the tower. The KS0B repeater recently(summer2018) was activated on 147.315(-) to improve coverage for operators to the east of the Fulton metroplex.

Due to equipment failure at Calwood, we’ve switched the machine that had been operating as KS0B/147.315(-) back to standard (+) offset and have it I.D.’ing as KC0MV on space helpfully provided by water district on a tower near Millersburg.

For anyone with interest in Digital Mobile Radio, we have a DMR machine at (444.950(+)) in service in the city of Fulton. On the Brandmeister network, I.D.’ing as AC0WZ. Talk Group 312916, which works on either Timeslot 1 or 2, Color Code 1.

Our club meetings provide an opportunity for radio amateurs to gather and talk about radios, antennas, operating modes, and what ever else.  The membership of the club decided that a special organization should be formed to address emergency response as its primary goal and to train operators in emergency communications.  This new formed group is Callaway Emergency Communications, Inc.

Whether you are a licensed amateur radio operator or not, we invite anyone with an interest in amateur radio communications to join us at our meetings.

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